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How Do I Do That?


Children's Items DOs and DON'Ts


  • Bring at least 15 "acceptable" items that in excellent condition. We reserve the right to turn away anything with holes, stains, or odors.

  • Seasonal only: FALL/WINTER items only at our September sale and SPRING/SUMMER items only at our February sale

  • Limit of 10 onsies and 10 sleepers total. It is okay to put two sleepers and sell as set. Each hanger represents a total of 1.

  • Shoes: Limit of 12 pairs of shoes total. Must be in good condition. Athletic shoes are welcome too.

  • Holiday themed clothing sells well, such as:

    • Spring/Summer: Easter, Four of July, St. Patrick's Day​

    • Fall/Winter: Pumpkins, Turkeys, Christmas

  • Sports equipment, outdoor toys, indoor toys, bikes, video games and movies, children's furniture, nursery decor and furniture, baby gear, strollers, highchairs, walkers, bottles, wipe warmers, etc are all welcome. Just make sure everything has working batteries or cords. 

  • Lamps

  • Gentley used backpacks and diaper bags

  • Car-seats (must be less than 5 years old & have instruction manual.  Must also verify that car-seat has not been in an car accident)


  • Do not bring anything extremely worn, stained, soiled, or missing buttons/zippers. 

  • No VBS shirts or vacation destinations shirts

  • No school uniforms (unless plain with no school logo)

  • We do not take juniors, women's, or maternity clothing. 

  • No crib bedding (sheets. bumper pads, crib skirts)

  • No items with a triple (3 initial) monogram. One letter or name is okay.

  • No stuffed animals unless battery-operated

**As of September 2023, NO MORE than 4 duplicates of an item will be accepted.

*Items that are found in the store that are not accepted will be donated before the sale opens to the public. 

Housewares DOs & DON'Ts


  • Used but not abused, it MUST be in very good shape

  • Rugs, lamps, medium and small framed art

  • Small electronics or appliances less than 2 years old

  • Decorative items

  • Kitchen items (no knives!)​​

  • DVDs

  • Small pieces of furniture accepted (small end tables, stools, dining chairs)

    • We reserve the right to turn away anything too worn or large. Please contact us if you are concerned about an item.  ​

*All items must be assembled, clean, and work properly 



  • Nothing broken, dirty, out of date, or items in poor condition

  • No home repair items (used tools, wallpaper, paint, putty, wires, etc.)

  • No party items (no paper napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils, paper decor)

  • No gift wrap (ribbons, gift bags, wrapping paper)

  • No ash trays

  • No VHS tapes. 

  • No adult books.

  • No used candles.

  • No women's jewelry. 

  • No fabric or yarn. 

  • No individual lamp shades.

  • Kitchen knives will not be accepted. 

  • No bath and beauty items unless new in sealed box 

  • No sofas, futons, chests, armoires

  • No decorative pillows (nursery pillows are okay), bed sets, fabric, curtains, curtain rods

  • Wicker baskets, individual coffee cups, souvenir cups are not accepted

  • Nothing with rust or weathering

  • No plastic gardening container

*We reserve the right to use our own discretion on items that will be accepted or respectfully turned away.

*Items that are found in the store that are not accepted will be donated before the sale opens to the public. 


All inventory and tagging is done through the Consignor Homepage. After entering your items, tags will be created and printed with your information & a barcode.  Read the consignor guide for more information.

What you'll need

  • Hangers - Please use the appropriate size hanger for the item you're hanging.  For infant sizes through size 8/10, plastic hangers are better. Wire hangers usually are too big for the smaller sizes, and clothes hung on a too big (or too small) hanger do not look good and will not sell. Wire hangers are fine for the larger sizes.  Pants must be hung, front facing, not on the crease or folded over a hanger.  If you do not have a pant hanger, then pin the pant to the TOP wire of the hanger.

  • Card stock for printing tags (Cardstock is thicker paper & will not tear as easily).  

  • Clear Packing Tape

  • Safety Pins  (No straight pins will be accepted)

  • Masking Tape/duct tape

Tagging guns CAN  NOT be used through the chest or shoulder of an item. They are not allowed to be used with delicate fabrics. If using a tagging gun, place tag in seam, under a collar, or through the size tag. 


ABSOLUTELY NO STAPLES are to be used to attach tags. We will not accept any clothing that has been stapled. 

Also helpful to have on hand...

  • Ribbon or string (to tie shoes together)

  • Zip-ties to attach items together

  • Zip-Loc Bags (for small baby equipment or toy sets with small parts)


What to do

  • Once you've printed your tags on card stock, cut them & attach them to your items

  • Please check and double check your re-sort code, we cannot stress this enough!

Helpful tip: 

  • Write your consignor number on a small piece of masking tape and attach it to your items. Every sale there are items that people want to buy but have lost their tag. If the ID number is in the item, we can look up the price information & sell the item; with no number the item cannot be sold, and the consignor misses out on a sale.



  • With garment facing you, hanger hook should face left like a question mark.

  • Tag should be safety-pinned securely to the garment's left shoulder or waistband, as illustrated below.

  • For very fine clothes, you may pin or tag the label inside the collar or label.

  • Pants must be hung on a clipped pant hanger with the front of the pant facing forward.  Pants should not be hung on the crease or folded over the hanger.  If you do not have a clipped pant hanger, then pin the pants to the TOP bar of the hanger

  • Tie shoes together - no bags or boxes.  Punch a hole in the tag & string it through whatever you use to tie your shoes together (ribbon, string, zip tie).  Do not tape tag to shoes.

  • Hair bows, new socks, infant booties, bibs should be placed in zip-loc bags.

  • When you bring your clothing items to receiving, please make sure you have arranged them in order by size & gender

  • Please use a size number to describe the size of your garment.  Even if the item label says small, medium, large, etc.  The tags must have a number size. 

Furniture, Equipment, and Toys

  • Securely pin, tie or tape the tag on the front of the item.

  • All items must be fully assembled for display.

  • Securely enclose any small parts inside the packaging, especially toy parts, and then tape the bag closed. Our smaller shoppers love to play with items on display and little fingers will open packages and spread contents all over the store.  

Tagging Instructions


Pricing & Policies

Price your items to sell

  • As a consignor, we want you to get top dollar for your items, but we don't want you to have many items left over after the sale, so price wisely.

  • As a shopper, we want you to be able to find quality items at reasonable prices.


Here are some general pricing guidelines

  • Clothing items: 30 - 50% of retail value, depending on condition and label.

  • Price infant clothes LOW. We get so many baby clothes that shoppers can afford to be picky. Bring only your best & price them competitively.

  • Shoes should be priced 10 - 20% of retail value. 

  • Baby equipment and toys - 40 - 60% of retail value, depending on condition and current popularity.

Helpful link for pricing: 

Information for Consignors

  • Your profit is 65% of the selling price of each item sold

  • A $10 non-refundable seller's fee will be charged when you sign up for the sale.

  • Unsold items must be picked up on a Pick Up Day. You may also pick up your consignment check on Pick Up Day. If you can't make it, send a friend with a note signed by you.

  • If your remaining items are not picked up on a Pick Up Day, we will donate them to charity immediately and mail your consignment check within a week.


Information for shoppers

  • Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover  (NO AMEX)

  • Sales taxes will be collected.

  • ALL SALES FINAL. Items are sold as is. 

  • ONE PERSON PER PASS at the Priority Sale - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • NO CHILDREN at CCE Priority Sale, other than infants strapped to a parent—they’re welcome all other times!

A re-sort code is a number that is listed at the bottom of each your tags.  If you are a first time consignor or a consignor who is not re-activating old inventory,  you do not need to worry about your re-sort code. 


CCE uses re-sort codes at the end of the sale when we separate all of the unsold items back out by each consignor, so that when consignors come to pick up day, all of their items will be grouped together.


Re-sort codes are sequential, while consignor numbers are not, so re-sort numbers make it easier to organize items for consignor give back.  Please note, your consignor number will always stay the same, but your re-sort number may change from sale to sale. 


If you are re-activating old inventory from a previous sale & using the old tag from that sale, you MUST change the re-sort code on the old tag, to the resort number assigned to you for the current sale.  Your current re-sort number is listed on your Consignor Homepage. If you do not change the re-sort code on an old tag to the new re-sort number, and the item does not sell,  it could be misfiled at the end of the sale and someone else will pick up your items!  To change the re-sort number on an old tag,  you may either hand change the re-sort code with a pen, or there is an option to print a page of your new re-sort codes, which you can then stick over the old re-sort code.  The option to print a page of re-sort codes is found on the Consignor Homepage.

Pick Up Day


Re-Sort Codes


What is Pick Up Day?  

This is the day that you come in & pick up your profit check, as well as any of your unsold items.  

How does it work?

1. Pick up day is the Friday and Saturday after the last shopping day of the sale. You must have an appointment to pick up your unsold items. We will be open Friday from 10am-2pm and Saturday from 1pm-4pm. 

2. If you cannot come, you may send a friend or family member.  Just send us a text, email or hand written note letting us know that you approve of them picking up your items

3. You will pick up your profit check up front, then a volunteer will show you where your un-sold items are located.  All of your items should be grouped together. Please double check that each item is yours. CCE is not responsible for any missing or lost items. 

4. All items will be grouped together by your re-sort number, not your consignor number.  (Don't worry if you don't know your numbers.  We do!).  The volunteer will look through your items to make sure that everything is yours & that someone else's has not been accidentally filed in the wrong place, before handing them to you.

5.  All items are put out for pick up regardless of whether or not you marked your items to donate.  If you decide that you would like to leave some or all of your items for donation, you may just leave them hanging on the rack or in the designated area.

6. If you are missing items, please let us know & we'll see if we can find it.  There are a few reasons for missing items:  The item is misfiled under someone else's number; the item is in our collection of items with missing tags; it is an item that you entered into inventory but ultimately did not put in the sale; the item was brought to the sale but rejected by us- meaning that it's still showing up in your inventory, but was either not ever brought to the store, or brought but declined by us.  Unfortunately we do also have to deal with some shoplifting.   Please remember that CCE is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

7. If you do not come to Pick Up day, your un-sold items will automatically be donated and your check will be mailed to you. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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