Additional Items Not Accepted at Fall 2022 Sale

Because our new location space is smaller, below is a list of previously accepted items, that will not longer be allowed:

* Furniture (not including cribs, bassinets, changing tables, toddler beds, rocking chairs, children's furniture)
* Curtains and curtain rods
* Bedding of all kinds (not including baby blankets)
* Fabric
* Pillows
* Baskets
* Books for adults
* Stuffed animals (unless battery operated)
* Video Tapes
* Party Supplies
* Luggage
* Copiers, printers, computers, TVs more than 5 years old
* Souvenir/plastic cups, single coffee cups (sets ok)
* Individual lamp shades
* Potties/Diaper Genies (unless new in the box)
* Large wall art 
* Women's accessories (scarves, hats, etc.). Jewelry OK