New rules on acceptable items.
Check out the Consignor's Guide for specifics.

Consignors:  We may still have Covid protocols in place for the Priority Night sale on September 22, 2022.  If so, consignors will be allowed entry in 20 minute increments beginning at 5:30pm. We will let consignors in by groups of 100, every 20 minutes (5:30pm, 5:50pm, 6:10pm & 6:30pm).  These groups will be based on the number on your consignor pass, which you will receive when you come to drop off your inventory on a receiving day.  The earlier you come to receving, the lower your pass number will be.  Non-consignors who purchase a pre-sale pass will be allowed in at 6:50pm.  Those holding guest passes will be allowed in at 7:10pm, and active duty military will be allowed in at 7:20pm.  Masks will be required.  A final decision will be made closer to the sale.


Parenting is hard!

Consigning with us is easy!


Drop & Dash Service

Drop & Dash Service has CHANGED!  

Please read below for the new way Drop & Dash is offered.

Drop & dash is a great service for consignors who either run out of time or have last minute "emergencies" and can't get their items ready.  CCE has a list of Drop & Dash "contractors" who will enter, tag and deliver your items to the sale.  These contractors are women who have been both consignors and past volunteers.  They are familiar with the sale, and understand how to price your items well.  If you are interested in contacting one of our Drop & Dash contractors, please email or text CCE, and we will provide you with our list of approved contractors.


  • For the Drop & Dash Service, your clothes must be ready to tag, i.e. cleaned, ironed, properly hung, and in size & gender order

  • Non-clothing items such as toys, games and bike/trikes, must be cleaned, fully operational, and have all their parts and pieces.  Any item that uses batteries, must have a working battery in it.

  • Your Drop & Dash contractor reserves the right not to tag anything she deems unacceptable for the sale.  

  • The Drop & Dash contractors charge $75 for the first 100 items, then $0.50 per item over 100.  You will pay them directly, not through CCE.  You may contact them at any time until drop off days begin.

  • CCE considers people who use Drop & Dash as regular consignors, and  as such, they will receive 65% of the selling price of their items, and be charged a $10 seller's fee, just like regular consignors.

  • You may pick up your unsold items and consignment check on Pick Up Day.  If you do not pick up, then your check will be mailed to you, and your unsold items will become part of our charity bag sale.


If you would like to use one of the CCE Contractor, then please email or text CCE to request contact information:
Anne Tippett - / 334-462-2591

Heidi Pruett - / 334-328-0038