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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I become a consignor?
A: From our website, click on the Consign button, then click on “I am a new consignor”


Q: How much do I earn?
A:  Consignors earn 65% of the selling price. A $10 seller’s fee must be paid via Paypal when signing up for the sale.

Q:  Do you accept things other than clothes?
A:  YES!  We have a large selection of shoes, toys, both indoor & outdoor, all kinds of accessories.  Anything and everything associated with babies.  From burp clothes to strollers & everything in between.  We also have a large housewares section, and a selection of women’s purses, jewelry, scarves & accessories.


Q:  What sizes do you offer?
A: We have newborn to size 14.  We do not take juniors, women’s or men’s clothes.  Please do not bring adult clothing and call it  a size 14.  We only want clothes that are actually made for children.  In shoes we take up to adult shoes, but we will not accept larger size shoes that are inappropriate for young teens


Q:  Do you take maternity clothes, school logo uniforms or boy/girl scout uniforms?
A: No, though we will take school uniform pants or tops that have no school logo on them

Q: I have lots of baby sleepers & onesies, should I bring them?
A: We receive TONS of sleepers & onesies.  Consequently, shoppers have a lot of choice in that area. Because there are so many, we don’t recommend charging more than a few dollars (less than $5) for each item.  So only bring your best ones & don’t bother with the rest. Pick the ones that are a better materiel, have a cute design or applique.  If there is even a hint of a stain around the collar from spit up, don’t bring it, even if “it’s the cutest thing ever”

Q: What’s the deal with putting the tape with my consignor number on everything?
A: This is not required but highly recommended.  We recommend that you put a small piece of tape with your consignor number (that’s the number you use to log into the system) on everything you consign, because sometimes tags come off of the item they’re attached to.  If we have an item with no tag & no identifying piece of tape, we don’t know who it belongs to.  So not only can we not sell it, we don’t know who to give it back to.


Q: Do I have to volunteer in order to consign?
A:  No.  We use volunteers to run the sale & in return they get to shop early, before anyone else, which is a great perk, but you definitely do not have to volunteer.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please email us!

Q:  What’s the deal with the option on the Consignor Homepage to print the re-sort stickers?
A:  Please ignore that option.  It isn’t something you’ll need

Q:  I don’t even know how to start.
A: Click this link for our Consignor Guide    If you still have questions, call us, email us, text us, FB messenger us.  We want this to be an easy and profitable adventure for you.  There are no dumb questions!

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