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Heidi Pruett & Anne Tippett are co-owners of the Children’s Clothing Exchange.  Heidi & Anne bought CCE in 2005, from its original owners.  Both Anne & Heidi started out as consignors and volunteers.  They both quickly realized what a great business CCE was, and when the opportunity arose for them to buy the business, they quickly jumped at the chance.

Under Heidi & Anne, CCE has not only maintained its reputation for high quality children’s items, but they also expanded the selection to include new clothes & shoes, women’s accessories, as well as a wide range of household items.  They also instituted online tagging and bar code scanning for all items.

The sale has grown quite a bit since Anne & Heidi first bought it and now boasts over 400 consignors.  They look forward to continued growth and innovation for the sale.