Kids consignment for clothes and SO much more in Montgomery, AL and the River Region! 


All tagging is done online & will create a sales tag with your information & a barcode.  Click on the Consignor Homepage link to access the inventory page

What you'll need

  • Hangers - Please use the appropriate size hanger for the item you're hanging.  For infant sizes through size 8/10, plastic hangers are better. Wire hangers usually are too big for the smaller sizes, and clothes hung on a too big (or too small) hanger do not look good and will not sell. Wire hangers are fine for the larger sizes.  Pants must be hung, front facing, not on the crease or folded over a hanger.  If you do not have a pant hanger, then pin the pant to the TOP wire of the hanger.
  • Card stock for printing tags
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Safety Pins (approx. 1” long - no little gold pins or straight pins )
  • Tagging gun
  • Masking Tape/duct tape

Also have on hand...

  • Ribbon or string (to tie shoes together)
  • Zip-ties to attach items together
  • Zip-Loc Bags (for small baby equipment or toy sets with small parts)
  • Large Clear Bags (for bedding)

What to do:

  • Once you've printed your tags on card stock, cut them & attach them to your items
  • It is VERY important to identify all your items with your consignor number
  • Write ONLY your consignor number on a small piece of masking tape.
  • For clothing, attach the tape below the inside label.
  • For all other items, attach the tape to the underside of the item.
  • Putting your consignor ID in your clothes is so important. Every sale there are items that people want to buy but have lost their tag. If the ID number is in the item, we can look up the price information & sell the item; with no number the item cannot be sold, and the consignor misses out on a sale.


  • With garment facing you, hanger hook should face left like a question mark.
  • Tag should be safety-pinned or tagged with a tagging gun securely to the garment's left shoulder or waistband, as illustrated below.
  • For very fine clothes, you may pin or tag the label inside the collar or label.
  • Pants must be hung on a clipped pant hanger with the front of the pant facing forward
  • Tie shoes together - no bags or boxes. Rubber bands may be used if the shoes do not have laces.  Punch a hole in the tag & sting it through whatever you use to tie your shoes together.  Do not tape tag to shoes.
  • Hair bows, new socks, infant booties, bibs should be placed in zip-loc bags ( 3 or 4 to a bag).
  • When you bring your clothing items to receiving, please make sure you have arranged them in order by size & gender
  • Please use a number to describe the size of your garment.  Even if the item label says small, medium, large, etc.  On your tag it needs to be a number size.  The only items excluding from this rule are juniors clothes

Hanging garment illustration:

Furniture, Equipment, and Toys:

  • Securely pin, tie or tape the tag on the front of the item.
  • It is helpful to a prospective buyer to attach a description of the item.
  • You can often find description for your items on the internet.
  • All items must be fully assembled for display.
  • Bedding should be in clear bags with a list of the items inside - a photo is helpful.
  • Securely enclose any small parts inside the packaging, especially toy parts. Our smaller shoppers love to play with items on display & little fingers will open packages & spread contents all over the store! It's best to use baggies taped with clear packing tape to hold smaller pieces and to keep from having those pieces get lost.