Kids consignment for clothes and SO much more in Montgomery, AL and the River Region! 

Re-Sort codes are numbers that are listed on the bottom of your tags.  If you are a first time consignor, or a consignor who is not re-activating old inventory,  you do not need to worry about your re-sort code.

We use re-sort codes at the end of the sale when we separate all of the unsold items back out by consignor.  This way, when consignors come to pick up day, all of their items will be grouped together.

We use the re-sort codes instead of the consignor numbers because re-sort codes CHANGE EVERY SALE.  The codes are assigned sequentially as people sign up for the sale, and they run in number order, (1,2,3,4,etc.), whereas consignor numbers are kept from sale to sale & there may be gaps between the different consignor numbers used for each sale. (I know it doesn't make sense, but it works for us!)


If you are re-activating old inventory from a previous sale & using the old tag from that sale, you MUST change the re-sort code, or it could be mis-filed at the end of the sale.  If you have an old tag you may either hand change the re-sort code, or there is an option to print a page of your new re-sort codes, which you can then stick over the old re-sort code.  The option to print a page of re-sort codes is found on the consignor homepage.