Kids consignment for clothes and SO much more in Montgomery, AL and the River Region! 

Pick Up Day

Pick up Day for the SPRING/SUMMER 2019 sale will be Friday, Feb. 15th any time between 8am-3pm.

What is Pick Up Day?  This is the day that you may come in & pick up your profit check, and any of your unsold items.  

How does it work?:

1. You may come in any time between 8am-3pm on pick up day.  No appointment is necessary.

2. If you cannot come by, you may send a friend or family member.  Just send us a text, email or hand written note letting us know that you approve of them picking up your items

3. You will pick up your profit check up front, then a volunteer will show you where your un-sold items are located.  All of your items should be grouped together.

4. All items will be grouped together by your Re-Sort number, not your consignor number.  (Don't worry if you don't know your numbers.  We do!).  The volunteer will look through your items to make sure that everything is yours & that someone else's has not been accidentally filed in the wrong place, before handing them to you.

5.  All items are put our for pick up regardless of whether or not you marked your items to donate.  If you decide that you would like to leave some or all of your items for donation, you may just leave them hanging on the rack or in your designated square.

6.  If you want to make sure that you've collected everything that was unsold, we suggest printing out a seller's report from your consignor's homepage, so that you can have a list of what you're picking up.

7. If you are missing items, please let us know & we'll see if we can find it.  Typically missing items are in 3 places:  misfiled under someone else's number, in our collection of items with missing tags, or is an item that you entered into inventory but ultimately did not put in the sale.  Meaning that it's still showing up in your inventory, but was not ever brought to the store.  Unfortunately we do also have to deal with some shoplifting.   Please remember that CCE is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

8. If you do not come to Pick Up day, your un-sold items will automatically be donated and your check will be mailed to you.  All mailed checks go out within 2 days of the sale.

9. At 4pm on Pick Up day, we have a charity "Everything in a bag for $5" sale.  100% of the profits of this sale go to a children's charity.  All items left after pick up day wraps up at 3pm, will be part of the charity bag sale that begins at 4pm

10.  We CANNOT hold items past 3pm, so if you want to your items, you MUST arrange for them to be picked up by 3pm!

11.  If you or a representative cannot come to pick up day, then you may come in during the last day of the sale (Wednesday), and pick them up during sale hours.  Please note that on that day, items will not yet be sorted out by each consignor, so you'll have to find them in their various size/category locations throughout the store.