Kids consignment for clothes and SO much more in Montgomery, AL and the River Region! 

How Does CCE Work?

CCE is a children's consignment sale.  We do NOT buy clothes; we staff and run the sale and  consignors are paid once the sale is over.  Consignors are not vendors; they do not have boothes.  It's one big sale run by CCE staff.  Consignors are just regular people who would like a way to sell some of their high quality items.

Here are the steps to becoming a CCE consignor:

  1. Go to the website & create yourself as a new consignor
  2. Please read our pages about what we do & do not accept at our sale.  These pages can be found under Consignor Info and are broken out by children's, women's & household.
  3. Consignors receive 65% of the selling price.  A $10 seller's fee will be will be charged when you register.
  4. Before each sale, all consignors must log into the Consignor Homepage and do two things. First  click the link to register for the upcoming sale.  Once you register, you will then be required to pay your seller's fee via Paypal. Once you have paid your seller's fee, then schedule a drop-off appointment.  The drop-off appointment is the day you will bring you consigned items in to the store.  You may drop off items as many times as you would like during drop-off days, but you only need to make an appointment for your 1st drop off. 
  5. Consignors enter all tag information for their items online, by clicking on the Work with Consigned Inventory link.  You will specify size, color, price, descriptive info, whether or  not you want your items to go 1/2 off during the 1/2 price sale days and whether or not you want to donate your unsold items to charity. After you enter all of your tag information, you will then print out your tags and attach them to your items.  Specifics about how to tag clothes can be found on our page titled, Tagging Instructions. 
  6. Once your items are tagged, you will come by the sale during one of our receiving days.  YOU MUST MAKE  A DROP OFF APPOINTMENT.  Drop off appointments can be scheduled on the Consignor Homepage.  At receiving, your items will be looked over by someone on the CCE staff.  We will be giving your items one last look for stains, wear, missing or broken buttons/zippers, missing batteries, missing pieces, or items that are out of fashion.
  7. When you bring your items to your drop-off appointment, please make sure your hanging items are in size order by gender.
  8. All items sizes should be a number, not small, medium, large, etc., even it the item's tag only shows S,M,L.  Choose the size number that corresponds with the size of the item & put that on the tag.  The only exception to this rule are junior clothing; they may be listed by S,M,L, etc.
  9. Once we have looked everything over, we will take your items and put them out on the sales floor.
  10. Any items we see after receiving that we deem unsuitable for the sale will be pulled, and can be picked up after the sale.
  11. We cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  12. CCE reserves the right to price any items that do not have a price
  13. Also at receiving, you will receive passes for our Priority Night sale.  Consignors get to shop before the sale is open to the general public.  You MUST bring your pass to get into the Priority Night sale. 
  14. Consignors, plus one guest, also get to attend a 1/2 off Priority Night, which is held the night before merchandise is offered at 50% to the general public. 
  15. After the sale has begun, if you have additional items you would like to enter into the sale, you may enter & tag those items & bring them to the store during business hours.
  16.  Once the sale is over, we will have Pick Up day, at which time you may come in and pick up your items that did not sell.  You will also receive your profit check.  Consignors receive 65% of their total sales and CCE receives 35%.  People who do not come to Pick Up day will have their unsold items donated to charity and their check will be mailed to them.
  17. An hour after Pick Up time is over, we will host a charitable event, "Everything in a Bag for $5".  Shoppers will be given a shopping bag and they may shop the leftover items and cram as much as they can in a bag for $5.  The money raised that day will go to a local charitable cause that focuses on children.