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The success of CCE's sales depends largely on our "Army of Helpers" If you are interested in voluteering for CCE, please read on...
  • Helpers shop early, before anyone else does, in exchange for providing 12-16 hours of service. Its a great way to shop before anyone else & without the crowds!
  • Volunteers typically work three 4 hour shifts. You can help in various ways:
  • Help with receiving days and sale set-up
  • Help work the CCE sale
  • Help break down after the sale
  • To Volunteer Call Heidi at 328-0038 or email her at 
  • In order to volunteer, you MUST also be a consignor
  • You do NOT have to volunteer in order to consign at CCE; it is just an option for those who are interested
Quote from a longtime CCE volunteer:
Being a volunteer is awesome!! It is fabulous to shop early and with only twenty or so other people shopping at the same time. Also, volunteering is really fun. The work's not hard, you get to hang out with fun girls and you get to scout out things you may have missed the first time you shopped! I love being a CCE volunteer!
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