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  • Drop & dash is a great service for consignors who either run out of time or have last minute "emergencies" and can't get their items ready.
  • For the Drop & Dash Service, your clothes must be ready to tag, i.e. cleaned, ironed, and properly hung.
  • Non-clothing items such as toys, games and bike/trikes, must be cleaned, fully operational, and have all their parts and pieces.  Any item that uses batteries, must have a working battery in it.
  • **Consignors using Drop & Dash may only bring 125 clothing items. There is no limit to the amount of non-clothing items you may bring. (If you have more than 125 clothing items that could be priced for $10 or more per item, you may bring those additional things)
  • CCE will tag, price, and display your items before the Priority Sale.
  • You will need to pick up your unsold items and consignment check on Pick Up Day.
  • Those using Drop & Dash services will receive 50% of the sale profit instead of 65%
  • Also, because of the time it takes to process Drop & Dash items, consignors that use this service will be charged a $10.00 Drop & Dash fee, in addition to the standard $7.00 sellers fee that all consignors are charged for a total processing fee of $17.00.
  • Those choosing to Drop & Dash must bring their items in on one of the following two days. Drop & Dash will NOT be accepted on any other day:
Drop & Dash Receiving Days for the Spring/Summer Sale 2016
Thursday, Jan. 21  12pm-4pm
Friday, Jan. 22  8am-4pm
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