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Getting Ready

Christmas and New Year's are over.  CCE is a month away!
I say it all the time, but it is true and worth repeating.  Don't wait until the last minute to get started on entering and tagging your items.  
Every sale, I always have a handful of people tell me how they just ran out of time and couldn't get it together.  They tell me how much stuff they've collected but they never got around to getting started.  And I get it, I really do.  I was a consignor for many years before I bought the sale.

Sale Changes

Heidi and I spend so much time together immediately before, during & after each sale, that once everything for a sale is settled, we tend to retreat back into our "normal" lives and don't talk as regularly as we usually do.  After about a month, we've had all the separation we can stand and start talking and visiting regularly again.  Just a few days ago we had dinner and spent a long time discussing sale dates.  
Eight years ago, when we bought CCE from the two women who began the sale, we inherited a well run sale that had been around for more than ten years.

Making Order out of Chaos

Well receiving is now over & we have an amazing assortment of things; its going to be a very exciting sale.  Of course right now the store looks like Hurricane Issac just came through.  I've attached a photo of all the shoes we have.  I have no idea how I'm going to sort & display all these shoes, but I'll figure it out!!
We'll definitely be laboring this Labor Day weekend.  It may look like a mess now, but by Tuesday night it'll look spectacular.

Making Order out of Chaos

We just finished our last day of receiving.  Everything went really well with the new appointment system, but now, we must make order out of the absolutely incredible amount of things that have been brought in.  I've included a picture of the MOUNDS of shoes we've gotten in.  Somehow we'll have to sort through them, organize and display them.  I'm not quite sure how we're going to do that, but we'll figure it out.  
Our housewares section has really taken off.

Getting Ready

           AFTER                          BEFORE

Getting ready for the sale is never fun.  Its dirty and hot, but I'm always amazed at how we can transform a place (and we've had somenastyplaces) into a store.  We start out with an empty shell that smells musty & has LOTS of spider webs, and with a lot of elbow grease turn it into a welcoming place.

Out with the old, in with the new

Believe it or not, there is a convention for people who run children's consignment sales!  Heidi & I attended the Savvy Sale Owners convention (I know, its a terrible name) in Charlotte, NC in early June.  We met people from all over the country.  We learned a lot, and I think some people learned some things from us.  After the convention we both felt like we're running the sale in a healthy organized way, but there were definitely some things we learned about that we'd like to implement.

The end of an experiment

After much discussion, Heidi & I have decided to discontinue the Women's Clothing Exchange.  It was a very hard decision but ultimately we feel like its the best choice for the sale.
A few years ago, we decide to give women's clothes a try.  We treated it like an experiment.  We knew it would take some time to grow, but we felt like it was worth the extra time & effort to see what we could make of it.  The sale did grow, but a very unevenly.  There were certain areas of the sale that took off immediately, such as purses, jewelry and accessories.

It's all over!!

empty storeWell, it's been a couple of weeks since the sale wrapped up.  Here's a picture of the store after we moved out.  Its always unbelievable to see the space empty after there's been so much amazing merchandise and so many people shopping.
Its a big process to completely break down the store, and I have to say the part I hate the most.  All the sorting of things back out by consignor number is very tedious and very loooonnggg.  Usually two complete days of nothing but sorting by number.

Moving In

ExhaustedFilthy handsToday was moving day.  It's a horrible day; long, dirty, hot, painful.  All three of us (Heidi, Mary Ward & I) hate this day.  But it has to be done. 
Mary Ward, Robert. Rob. Fred & Maggie 022
So early this morning we picked up a big u-haul, hired some guys from Labor Finders, and met at the storage unit. 
Mary Ward, Robert. Rob. Fred & Maggie 028
Next time you're at the sale, just look around, everything you see in there; every rack, table, box, sign, trash can, we moved there from somewhere else.

Tips for Consignors

Tips and guidelines for consigning with CCE+ 

  • When deciding what to bring to the sale, always keep in mind the question, “If I saw this at the sale, would I buy it?” If the answer is no, then don’t bring it. We want to sell quality used items, not yard sale things.
  • Remember there is a limit of 125 hanging items. That means you can bring 125 women's clothing items and 125 children's clothing items, if you are participating in both sales. There is no limit to non-hanging items. If you have more than 125 hanging items that are very nice and will sell for $10 or more, you may bring those additional items.

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Making Order out of Chaos
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